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Our Journey

When we started out back in 2012 specialising in co-packing within the E-liquid industry it was always in the back of our minds that one day we could take it to the next level and produce flavours for food, drinks, confectionary and much more! In the world of flavouring, the sky is the limit.

Countless successful flavours and lines later we are finally there - we are proud to announce that Love Flavours is now up and running.

Here at Love Flavours we strive to provide our customers with an incredibly vast selection of great tasting flavours. Got a flavour in mind that isn’t already on the market or want a pre-existing flavour specialised just for you? We have you covered. We provide a full in house bespoke service in place to go above and beyond when catering to our customers needs.

On top of flavour production we also have an in-house lab where we test every single flavour meticulously to ensure they are the finest taste and quality before going out on the market. We also do in house TPD testing to guarantee compliance of every product that requires it.

With our in-depth knowledge developed over eight successful years experience of the industry and tastefully competitive prices we have all of your flavouring needs covered.

In House Compliancy

We at Love Flavours know that ensuring that a flavour is fully TPD compliant and safety is just as important as creating the perfect taste. That is why our experienced in house compliancy officer thoroughly undertakes a full compositional breakdown and assessment on every flavour we produce confirming that all compound percentages are perfect and there are no chemicals in the flavours that shouldn’t be. We also accurately determine nicotine levels and provide nicotine dose consistency reports, using dedicated, state-of-the-art equipment.

For all our in-depth TPD Compliancy analysis for our E-Liquids we test the emissions of each e-liquid at varying nicotine strenghts. Our expertly-led process allows us to accurately detect all ingredients inside an e-liquids vapour screening for any undesirable compounds and provide accurate quantities of detected target compounds such as acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and acrolein, key to compliance with UK and EU law.

Every single flavour we create at Love Flavours is provided alongside a free Safety Data Sheet. An SDS sheet includes information such as the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical. This ensure that once the flavour leaves our facility the customer knows exactly how to deal with it in the safest way possible. On all safety data sheets, contact details to our dedicated health and safety team are provided, ready to answer any queries.

Flavour Portfolio

Here at our North West Flavour Laboratory our senior flavourist and his team of expert flavour compounders along with our compliance team not only strive to provide the best tasting flavours in the industry but the flavours of the highest quality. With 25 years in the flavour industry, a professional team, vast library of chemicals and top quality concentrates our senior flavorist is always at hand to provide you with flavours of the highest quality, exceed your expectations and perfectly tailor to your brand.


Every type of fruit you could ever imagine ranging from your classics, zesty citruses, tasty tropicals to exceptional exotics and much more.


Check out or delicious dessert flavours, from traditional classics, popular fast food favourites and some delicious flavour creations you may have never tried before. We have everything for those with a sweet tooth.


An amazing array of sweet treats ranging from classic confectionary, new age treats and some of our very own cutting edge candy concepts.

With a baseline of 100+ amazing flavours ranging from fruits, sweets and classic beverage flavours to more specialist flavours such as menthols, tobaccos and our very own original flavours. On the off-chance that we don’t have the flavour you are looking for, not to worry - we have a state of the art matching facility and extensive library of chemicals and concentrates to craft you your perfect flavour.